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Pick how many flavors you want to mix together. You will then be able to select your flavors and their strengths in "shots", for a maximum of 3 shots in a bottle. Just follow the steps and the system will guide you through. You'll get it :)

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Now pick the flavors you'd like to blend together into one bottle
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Absinthe Worm

This e-liquid will WORM itself... more details

Albert's PIPE

Albert Einstein would never le... more details

Amaretto Neat

Delicate and awesome blend of ... more details

Bavarian's Cream

Creamy, smooth, and delicious.

Belgian Waffle

The perfect warm, silky waffles.

Big Hazel Nuts

Hazelnut flavor captures the s... more details

Blackberry Tree

This flavor is packed with fruity pleasure.

Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble

One covered in amazing fresh b... more details

Bubble Gum Pop

Delicious burst of the origina... more details

Butter Pecan

This Butter Pecan flavor is a ... more details


Mouth-watering Butterscotch fl... more details

Café Americano

Rich and smooth russet flavour.

Canadian Leaf

Canadian Leaf seems to be best... more details

Canadian Maple Syrup

Pure Canadian Maple syrup from a tree.

Caramel Karisma

This flavor tastes like the go... more details

Carnival Cotton Candy

Inhale this sweet and addictin... more details

Chai Tea

Chai tea flavor is known to re... more details

Cherry Bomber

Sweet juicy and crisp flavors.

Chocolate Fetish

Sexy, naughty and delicious ch... more details

Cinema Popcorn

Popcorn without the calories.

Cinema Popcorn

Popcorn without the calories.

Cinnamon Hearts

Sweet, spicy cinnamon.

Cinnamon Sinner

Sharp sweet but kicking flavour.

Classic Banana Split

Bananas. Chocolate. Fruit. Ice... more details

Classic Banana Split

Bananas. Chocolate. Fruit. Ice... more details

Classic Tobacco

A good old classic tobacco.

Coconut Loco

Fresh and tasty coconut Ioco.

Cola Blast

Cool and misty cola taste.

Cowboy Blend

American style tobacco flavor.

Crème de Menthe S.V.P

Creamy, delicate but attractiv... more details

Cuban Mojito

Fresh mint muddled with lime j... more details


Your favorite cigar is now in the form of ejuice.


Creamy vanilla and smooth and ... more details

Dew Dew Mountain

Classic kick back taste of ori... more details

Double Espresso

Delicious creamy and silky but... more details

Dulce De Lece

Famous dulce de lece flavour.

Eastern Promises

Smooth and dry tobacco leaf w... more details

Energy Drink Bully

Stimulating and bubbly vapor.

Fresh Cantaloupe

Freshly made cantaloupe juice.

Fresh Mint

Fresh mint flavor.

Gentleman's Brandy

Silky smooth Brandy flavour.

Graham Cracker Jacker

Velvety and springy graham cracker jacker flavor.

Grape Escape

Combination of a unique textur... more details

Green Apple Goblin

Juiciness, sweetness, crispness and crunch.

Gummy Bear Candy

Chewy, sweet and fun.

Honeydew As I Say!

Sweet, refreshing flesh of honeydew.

Irish Cream

Original taste of Irish Cream,... more details

Juicy Peach

Smooth and sweet fruity flavor.

Kentucky Bourbon

Molasses and brown sugar with ... more details

Key Lime Time

An authentic satisfying taste ... more details

Kiwi Shmiwi

A sweet and sour kind of zest.

Lemon Celo

A little tart; a little sweet.

Marshmallow Mushy

Sweet airiness of our marshmallow flavor.

Mental Menthol

Cool and crisp flavour.

Nana Bonana

A tropical paradise taste of a... more details

New York Cheesecake

Beautiful layers of creamy, smooth cheese cake.

Nutty Banana Bread

Pleasant, classic baked banana nut bread.

Ocean Guava

Slightly sweet and slightly so... more details

Orange Cream

This vape unfolds the taste of... more details

Orange Cream

This vape unfolds the taste of... more details

Orange Julep

The brightness and flavor of a juicy orange.


Juicy and perfectly ready pear... more details

Peppermint Candy

Sweet and refreshing flavor.

Pina Colata

Sweet, exotic mix incorporates... more details

Pina Colata

Sweet, exotic mix incorporates... more details

Pineapple Express

A very smooth tropical e-liqui... more details

Pomegranate Blossom

Sweet, fresh and irresistible ... more details

Rainbow Drops

Pop of sweet and fruity candy.


Sweet, sharp and tangy.

Root Beer Cheer

Mousse filled and fizzy soft drink.

Simply Vanilla

SIMPLY VANILLA will satisfy yo... more details

Snow's Red Apple

Juicy, crisp and perfect for your everyday vape.

Strawberry Delight

Smooth and sweet fruit.

Sweet Lychee

"The King of Fruits" vape incl... more details

Sweeties Cream

Sweet and creamy, light and airy.

Tango Mango

Juicy, sweet and perfectly rip... more details

Watermelon Wobble

So fruity, juicy and refreshin... more details

Whipped Cream Dream

Enjoy the light, creamy and airy whipped cream.

White Chocolate Devine

Tastes exactly like a beautifu... more details

Wild Blueberry

A sweet, distinctive fruit flavor.

Wild Dragon Fruit

Its sweet but sour taste is mind blowing.

Step 3: Choose your flavor strengths

Flavor Strength

Choose the intensity of your flavor with a single shot, double shot or triple shot of flavor. Most customers tend to go with a double shot since it’s the middle mark of mild and high flavor.
(Up to 3 total flavor shots)

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Flavor 2

Flavor 3

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Propylene glycol (PG):

  • - More throat hit
  • - More flavor
  • - Thinner e-liquid thus better wicking


Vegetable glycerin (VG):

  • - Lighter throat hit
  • - Naturally sweeter
  • - Thicker e-liquid thus more vapor production


PG delivers more of the flavor and throat hit while VG delivers more vapor production and sweetness. We recommend newbies start with 50/50 blends especially if one is looking for an experience similar to smoking. We do offer 30%PG/70%VG catered to those who prefer less throat hit and more clouds of vapor production.

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