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Who is SmileNvape for?

SmileNvape electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are designed for adult smokers or ex-smokers. You must be of legal smoking age in your province, state or country to use our products.


I’m new to vaping, where do I get started?

First we suggest you get a starter kit, our “TOUCH” starter kit comes with everything you need to get started. Then you will need e-liquid to go into your e-cigarette, we suggest you get 2-3 bottles of e-liquid in various flavors and find the one most suitable to your taste. Typically, if you like a certain food, drink or tobacco flavor, then you should like it in the form of vaping also. So for instance if you like strawberries, then get a bottle of smileNvape Strawberry Delight, if you happen to like strawberries with custard, then you can just go into the custom blending section of our website and make it! The options are endless.


Can I vape e-cigarettes anywhere?

Some municipalities have their own policies on vaping indoors, but for the ones that don’t, you always want to ask the establishment you are in beforehand as it would be at their own discretion.


How long does a bottle of e-liquid last?

Really depends on your style and frequency of vaping. A 30ml bottle with a Touch e-cig will typically last a pack a day ex-smoker about 10-14 days.


Is vaping cheaper than smoking?

It is seen that a pack a day smoker spends about $4000 a year on smoking whereas a vaper can spend only about $450/year.


Can I customize my own e-liquid with smileNvape?

YES! If you're thinking about coming up with the next big e liquid brand, we're here to help! One of our very unique features is that we offer our customers the ability to custom blend e-liquids to their own taste for over 50,000 different flavor combinations. We then help you design your branding, and GO! We produce them for you!


What is the the SmileNvape Karma Collection?

The Karma collection line also contains various complex flavors, they’re our secret recipes! Each bottle represents a different charity/cause in which 10% of proceeds goes to a designated charity.


How does the home delivery program work?

Give us a call we’ll be happy to walk you through it.


How do I maintain my e-cigarette?

If you ever notice your e-cig’s not performing as it should, it most likely needs a little love and maintenance which is quite simple and takes a couple minutes.

  1. Battery: Remove the tank from the battery and clean the connection of the battery with a tissue or q-tip. This area may have liquid residue which is very normal.
  2. Tank: Take your tank apart, remove and set aside the atomizer coil and rinse the tank parts in warm to hot water. Dry and put back together.
  3. Mouthpiece: Fluff can easily accumulate in your mouthpiece blocking the flow of vapor. Simply remove your mouthpiece from the e-cig and blow through it. You can also rinse it under warm water.


For any other questions, please do contact us!

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