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The electronic cigarette is an amazing technology often referred to as an e-cigarette, e-cig or personal vaporizer(PV) and is an alternative to tobacco products. This battery operated cigarette is a device designed to simulate the effects of smoking.

The electronic cigarette produces a thick vapor that closely resembles that of tobacco cigarette smoke. Unlike tobacco cigarettes however, SmileNvape eCigs have no tar, no tobacco, no combustion, no odor and no second hand smoke. Just vapor. Beginner E-cigarettes mainly consist of 3 interconnected parts. A rechargeable battery, an atomizer coil and a tank.



The battery of an electronic cigarette comprises most of the device, and is rechargeable via a wall charger, or USB port. Typically an electronic cigarette battery will last about a day depending on the smoking habits of the user. It is common practice to have a second e-cig battery so that if one is charging the other is in use. This way, the user will not be left without a battery to use.

SmileNvape offers the best e-cigarettes and e-cig batteries with the newest technology. See here


Atomizer coil/Tank

The coil is the heart of an e-cigarette. It is a heating element that with help of the battery heats the liquid inside the tank and thereby creates a flavoured vapor with the same consistency as tobacco cigarette smoke. But vapor kicks ash!!



E-liquid, e-juice or simply "juice", is what the user fills into the ecig’s tank and it is the most essential part of the vaping experience. E-liquid comes in a form of, well, liquid.. To better suit the needs of our customers, SmileNvape puts all the control in your hands by offering a huge variety of delicous e-liquid flavors and nicotine levels. We also offer our customers the ability to custom blend e-liquid flavors. See here

Quitting cigarettes has never been so simple, aaaaand fun!





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