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The Smilen Company


We’re seriously all about paying it forward by helping smokers quit the way we quit, in the most fun N delicious possible way, with SmileNvape eliquids. There’s just something about vaping that fuels our love and passion for it. Maybe it’s the tight knit vaping community, maybe it’s all the success stories of people quitting cigarettes, the advocacy, maybe it’s the art of creating e-liquid, the flavor molecules grabbing at one another to full maturation, the inhale and exhale of luscious vapor, the manipulation of flavors through a device, maybe it’s because vaping is the best thing since sliced bread, maybe it’s all of the above. When you love something, you don’t know why, you just do, and that’s sincerely how we feel about vaping and we want to share it with the world!




Testing, Testing testing 1-2-3. Seems like that’s all we hear around the Smilen Lab. At SmileNvape we deliver the best quality flavors and graded ingredients. We have gone out of our way to make sure that all of our flavors, yes all of them are free of any Diacetyl or acetyl propionyl, clean and delicious, made right here in Canada. We want our customers to vape with peace of mind knowing that what is going in their body is of absolute best quality ingredients and made in a real Laboratory environment and not in someone’s kitchen or garage.  See more 


Pay it forward to other communities in need

The vaping community is growing strong. Why not take a great thing and make it greater? We don’t want to stop at just helping smokers quit. We want to use our influence and the world stage of vaping to help other communities in need. This is why each of our Karma Collection flavors represent a different charity/cause in which we donate 10% of proceeds to. Because communities helping other communities is what makes the world a better place.  See causes HERE


Make tobacco cigarettes extinct

This may be a bold statement, but the vaping industry is protecting itself from the exact same thing. SmileNvape always provides a voice in achieving fair regulations of electronic cigarettes. The world has seen way too many of its loved ones lose their quality of life and/or die from tobacco and we’re not going to let anybody or anything sabotage the only thing that seems to have really worked for so many ex-smokers. We have to educate more smokers about vaping by sharing personal success stories, and nature will take its course from there.



Flavor Spectrum

SmileNvape products are sold in over 1500 stores (and counting) worldwide, so we must be doing something right! We're all about flavor and by creating the SmileNvape products, we have made sure we covered the whole flavor spectrum with premium flavor quality. So regardless of your taste, we've got something up your alley that you'll really love! Our products have proven to be a favorite within the vaping industry from continent to continent


Thinking about getting in the vape business? You think it, we make it. SmileNvape will alleviate all the headaches of developing and processing your new e-juice line by sitting down with you and coming up with your own twist at a tasty new e-liquid line with your own branding, proprietary to your business only. See here



Our customer support goes beyond the first transaction. We want to build relationships and be here for all our customers throughout their whole vaping journey. And we’re always developing new flavors so we love getting feedback on how we’re doing with satisfying you. So never hesitate on giving us a call, we’d love to hear from you!

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