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Why SmileN liquids rule?

Testing testing 1-2-3, seems like that’s all you hear around the SmileNvape lab. At SmileN we do things the long way, the hard way, the right way. All our liquids are made in a cleanroom Canadian laboratory environment and all made with the best and highest grade quality ingredients available today. We don’t skimp out on anything.



Signature Collection

Flavors from our Signature Collection have been carefully created by our in house vape masters and have been proven to be favorites within the vaping community. You may also find our top blends being sold at your local vape shop. No matter what your taste, there's a flavor for you in our Signature Collection. see here.


Karma Collection line

Each Karma Collection bottle represents a different story, a different palate and a different cause in which 10% of proceeds go towards. Because communities helping communities is what makes the world a better place. see here.


Custom Blending

In the food industry, most people like pasta, most people like pizza, most people like the same things. But when it comes to the vaping industry, taste is so subjective, what you may like someone else can hate. This is where we come in, we allow our customers to custom blend e-liquid to their own taste or to their customers taste with flavors that were carefully designed to go with one another. Shops that order from our Custom Collection will also have their business name printed on part of our labels. Example: Classic Banana Split "made for X-Y-Z vape shop" see here.


You should know

Made in Canada - SmileNvape e-liquids are made right here in Canada. This way we maintain a higher level of Quality Control. SmileNvape is committed to safety, and we are proud to offer this enhanced security to our customers.

Ecta approved - We are an approved member of the electronic cigarette trade association. This means we are NOT making e-Liquid in the “wild west” and we take our manufacturing very seriously. Our e-Liquid is made in a controlled laboratory environment and is regularly audited by the E.C.T.A.

Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl FREE - We have gone out of our way to make sure that all of our flavors are completely FREE of Diacetyl and Acetyl propionyl . Clean N Delicious!

Graded - Our e-Liquids are of USP grade and Kosher ingredients that are GRAS approved.

Nic test - We test the nicotine content upon the completion of each batch of e-Liquid

Bottles - Not only beautiful, but useful. Your e-Liquid will come to you stored in a colored glass dropper bottle In order to keep fresh aroma, strength and flavor, and to help protect it against UV lighting. All our bottles have childproof caps, tamperproof seals and appropriate label warnings. Our bottles have lot numbers, meaning we could trace each bottle down to the batch it was made in.



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